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Buy Premium Jane Cannabis Oil.The Premium Jane Natural CBD oil offers a full-spectrum formula for those who appreciate the raw, earthy undertone of 100% natural hemp with no added flavors.While subtle and not at all overwhelming, many people describe the taste as “rooty” or mildly bitter — not unlike that of afresh wheatgrass.premium jane oil

premium jane

This tincture has 100% raw hemp extract for controlled purity, potency, and vitality.These oils contain less than 0.2% THC (making them legal by UK standards) but otherwise contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, allowing for the entourage effect to take place.premium jane gummies

Premium Jane say that their oils are “unrivalled on the market when it comes to potency, flavour, effectiveness, safety, reliability and overall value.premium jane coupons

As for the potency and value, each 30ml bottle is said to contain 40 servings. There are three different strengths available:

  • 300 mg – offers around 0.5 mg of CBD per drop, or 7.5 mg per serving.premium jane stock
  • 600 mg – offers around 1 mg of CBD per drop, or 15 mg per serving.premium jane shipping time
  • 1000 mg – offers around 1.67 mg of CBD per drop, or 25 mg per serving.premium jane shipping
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