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Buy Pootie Tang Strain at 420Bulk Weed Supplies. Pootie Tang is a sativa dominant hybrid strain which was created by crossing LA Kush (an indica dominant hybrid)  LA Kush, an indica dominant hybrid known for its relaxing and euphoric properties with Tang Tang (a sativa strain) gotten from a Blue Sonja backcross. The strain was originally bred in 2012 by New House Seed Co., a joint venture between two Colorado-based growers, Tierra Rojo and Paco.

The strain is prevalent in Colorado but can be difficult to find in other states. During the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup, the Pootie Tang strain won 3rd place for the best sativa flower. The Pootie Tang strain has very high THC levels of 25.30% due to the sativa dominance in this strain.


The variations in phenotype will also result in variations in smell. However, Pootie Tang can generally be described as earthy, hashy, and tangy. The smell is predominantly earthy, which is consistent with the aroma of each of the parents. The underlying tangy-ness is a mild citrus smell – like a fresh grapefruit as opposed to a ripe orange.


Once again, flavor will vary between phenotypes; however, the taste can generally be described as dry, musty and slightly refreshing. The taste is predominantly earthy, which is consistent with both parents. The refreshing flavors can range from tangy (from the Tang Tang) to more piney (from the LA Kush). Despite the name, do not expect the flavor to be intensely ‘orange.

Pootie Tang Strain Effects

It’s all in the head. If you’re easily distracted or tend to overthink things too much when stoned, then tread lightly with Pootie Tang. The high is snowballing, racy and bewildering, but it can be used to treat stress, nausea, eating disorders, glaucoma, headaches and minor pain.

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3 reviews for Pootie Tang

  1. Scandy Lee

    It gives an immediate buzz, with a long lasting high. Would recommend for sure.

  2. Chris Parke

    Liked this strain. Very good smoke with a nice head high

  3. Jack Scott

    This strain provides a great mental, cleared headed high. I normally smoke 2 bowls before realizing my eyebrows feel like caterpillars and shit i see my self on another level keep up the good work 420Bulk Weed Supplies.

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