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Larry OG, also called Lemon Larry, is yet another member of the famous ocean-grown family. Originally created in Orange County, this indica is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OGLarry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done.


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5 reviews for Larry OG

  1. Matthew E. Molina

    Very clean location, lots of space and displays. Very educated staff, competitive prices and good deals, especially for first time customers. I purchased a few of the Select carts and a 1/4 oz. of ground Sour Diesel. The weed could have been better.

  2. Thomas S. Rice

    Good flavor. The effects take hold fairly quickly

  3. Josephine D. Ritter

    Whooo! I’m normally not a fan of Indicas but I’ve been laid low for about a week with some type of horrible yuck that left me nauseated to the core and feeling like 💩 . I couldn’t even stomach any of the buds I had just acquired (!!!) but I had picked up a cartridge of Larry from the nice folks at Rythm (I live in a condo so sometimes I like to smoke 💨 incognito 😂 ). Heavens!!! What a lifesaver!!! Wrangled away all that nastiness I was feeling and replaced it with lovely peaceful floaty sensations, but not so much that I couldn’t function. (In fact, functioning was kind of fun!) If you want/need some soothing for your aching body but don’t want a total knockout give your bud Larry a try–he won’t disappoint!

  4. Franklin N. Kirk

    Just coming off of Rotator Cuff surgery. I was looking for a strain to help with the pain. My bud tender highly recommend Larry OG. This strain is amazing!! My batch has a THC content of almost 23%. Not the strongest but I wanted pain relief. A very piney and lemon taste.and smell. The buds are dense and sticky icky. It produces a very nice body high. I was stoned but I was still able to function. If you are looking for total relaxation and a warm happy high and pain relief please try this strain. If you live in Arizona, look for Nectar Farms Larry OG. Beautiful!!!!

  5. Anthony S. Morrison

    I smoked a variation of this call Purple Larry with way less THC in it. I enjoyed the high it was relaxing. The way I remember getting high was in high school. What I’m understand now even though this is a sativa dominant I have nowhere to write this I really don’t like Indica everything that it claims to do with pain and stomach aches it does the reverse for me I get terrible stomach aches pain throughout my body and labored breathing. and nobody seems to grow sativa that much anymore it’s either a lot of indica or hybrids that are Indica dominant. And the sativas they grow are extraordinaire high in THC. Not a complaint just an observation for the amount of weed I smoke anyways it really doesn’t matter they can take me three weeks to go through a gram.

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