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Cherry Pie’s parents are Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb. With buds that are dense and full of orange hairs and a touch of purple, this hybrid strain smells of sweet and sour cherry pie. … Cherry Pie makes the Leafly legend of 420 list thanks to its delicious flavor, relaxing effects, and its strong genetics.


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5 reviews for Cherry Pie

  1. Helen J. Smith

    Cherry pie has become one of my favourites strains. The cross of Grandaddy purple and Durban Poison really created a top shelf flower. Cherry pie is a indica dominant strain, with really appealing effects, aromas, flavors and also, it looks astonishing. For the aroma, it smells like sweet, berry and cherry , smells so good, the flower really holds a great aroma. The flower shape is also something really interesting and appealing. buds shapes look incredible, a classic indica shaped flower, dense nugs with spiral flowers, frosty buds and a bright olive green and orange tone. also it displays some purple spots here and there, a beautiful display of a 3 color mix. Tastes so great, a delicious cherry, berry earthy flavor that can be found in each toke. Effects are a mellow sensation in the head, eyes and body. a mild cerebral, euphoric high, leaving you floating and relaxed in deep space, it holds really special and unique effects. Cherry pie is a must try, an A+ strain. Really liked this flower, everything is excellent and tops every aspect.

  2. Donald R. Williams

    Great strain. Another insomniac strain I’ve enjoyed within these last 3 days. Smells good not 🍒 🥧 appealing but good. Just a hint of sweet tone. Taste about the same as smell to me. Hits in my head first then slides to my body in high sedation level. Head high doesn’t last long but body effects for awhile. Very enjoyable strain to pick up anytime available

  3. Evelyn J. Huffman

    This strain is really nice. I actually am surprised that its an indica because i’ve been using this as a nice plane ride over my recent tasks and feel hella productive. Fully support on its relief for ADHD symptoms. Feeling clear as ever. (Also should note I meditate and do inner work frequently as well which more contribute to the level of clarity) (also my first review) 🙂

  4. Tony J. Smith

    NOW WE ARE TALKING FOLKS! This was the first strain I ever tried when I got my marijuana card. I LOVE this strain. It doesn’t knock you out, but still puts you in a really relaxed and happy mood.

  5. Robert Y. Doane

    Delicious rolled up in the mornings. I had a variant that had Durban Poison inbred with it. The best of both worlds, mentally clear and lightly soothing bodily.

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