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This strain produces a relatively short-lived, mellow high that is also uplifting and powerfully relaxing. Medical marijuana patients choose Cannatonic to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety and migraines.


1 pound, 1/2 pounds, 1/4 pounds, 14grams, 1oz

2 reviews for Cannatonic

  1. Tanisha D. Tolson

    I’ve tried many different strains for neuropathy pain relief and Cannatonic is the best one for me. It gives a lovely body buzz with a nice, energizing head high. The buds are beautiful and have a nice aroma. If you’re looking for something for pain, this is the one to try!

  2. Mary J. Chambers

    Excellent smell, bud structure, effects. Light orange hairs, with light green buds. Buds are dense, not too hard.

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