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3 reviews for Blueberry

  1. Rogelio N. Lockwood

    I like this strain very much but found it wasn’t that effective for pain relief – if used alone However, if I mix it with a high THC strain (Nirvana, Snow Dawg, Purple Romulan, Bubblegum) it works very well. It is great for headache and arthritis.

  2. Jeremy V. Zeiger

    I picked up a pre-roll at my Medical dispensary. This strain eased my anxiety and just weird feeling and made my gut feel better too. Some other reviewers were disappointed that it wasn’t heavier, personally as a medical user I’m glad it wasn’t. It’s hard to find good afternoon smoke that won’t lock you to a couch or make you totally out of it. It has a nice sweet, berry taste in the mouth. The THC% of mine is 20.15. I did get a case of dry mouth.

  3. Nereida P. Daughtry

    The buds were small, very frosty and it were like little rocks. I’ve heard a lot about this strain, and essentially that it gives a deep body relaxation which can be quit strong, but it fact it wasn’t that strong, I was just expecting something more sensefull, than a mild almost light body high. I bought 2 of this in two different shops. Both smelled the same, with a predominent touch of fresh spicy with notes of earthy and sweet, it is quit fruity at the end of the day but still with that fresh combined with the spicy, quit special ngl. The taste and the aroma made me love. I felt a bit sleepy after 2hours, which was good for my insomnia

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