Blueberry kush

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5 reviews for Blueberry kush

  1. Kenneth E. Oakman

    My response was exactly the opposite of the description above. After only two draws from the single joint I bought, I became hyper-alert,

  2. Johanna G. Washington

    Great smelling weed, though for me, I found that this is good for, appetite and insomnia. If you want to smoke, eat and sleep, then this is for you. I prefer a nice ride before falling asleep, which I don’t feel that it provided.

  3. Stephen C. Davis

    Today is the first time I’ve had blueberry Kush. I can’t believe how strong the berry taste is, & I’m using oil. It has now shot up to the top of the list of my fave strains! The thc content is high, which is what I need as my tolerance is high. If you haven’t tried it, do so ASAP. Great sedating and pain killing qualities. Mood elevated too. Three thumbs up 😹

  4. Larry D. Guerrero

    Best smelling bud ever. Taste lingers wonderfully. Relaxing yet uplifting. Blue Dream by day, Blue Kush by night. Great for baking too. Oh, worm4499, keep your politics out of my pot you leftwing lunatic.

  5. Eric R. Tyler

    smokin some as i read the review to find out what i’m smokin? the flavors are indeed fruity and sweet . goes very well with the cup of Peruvian decaf i’m having. feeling kinda happy and euphoric as i listen to maya wiley explain to ari how president meatball is gona get life in sing-sing as soon as he’s not pres !!! So , yes i would recommend impeaching OPP’S i mean buying and smokin some of this pot it is indeed Excellent !

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