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Sativa dominant hybrid

THC 20%
CBD  1.5%
Sativa 65%
Indica 35%
Effects Creative,Relaxation, Body High, Relaxed.
Benefits Lack of appetite, Depression, Pain, Nausea 
Best For Day time use 
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AK-47 cannabis strain is an F1 hybrid from Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds. Created in 1992, its exact lineage remains secret, but seed bank owner and breeder Simon says it’s roughly a 65:35 Sativa/Indica hybrid of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani descent. ak 47 cannabis cup

AK-47 is a Sativa-dominate hybrid with bright white coloring. Despite its violent name, the strain imparts a very mellow feeling and can even leave one stuck in a state of “couch lock” It also leads to increased creativity.The plant tends to have a large central main cola with minimal side-branching — it is a medium height plant that produces buds with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. 500mg ak 47 cannabis oil

Flavor and Aroma

Spice-heavy and a bit sweet, often tasting of sandalwood… the Cherry and Cherry-Lime phenotypes are known for matching the taste of their namesake fruits.cannabis ak 47 caracteristicas


1 pound, 1/2 pounds, 1/4 pounds, 14grams, 1oz

8 reviews for AK47 WEED

  1. Eugene R. Music

    Walked on the streets for over 2 hours while listening to music. Very uplifting out of body experience. You also start to get very creative. Your mind is overflowing with ideas. You can also feel the wind very nicely. Wind makes you tingly. Everything seems like a dream or footage of a music video. Can make you a little dizzy sometimes. Makes you very relaxed to the point you would easily sleep. You FEEL the music. Music is heaven with this strain, especially 90s rock or any music you listened to as a kid.

  2. Wanda R. Rines

    This AK-47 is gorgeously coated in golden trichomes. Nicely dense buds and broad leaved. Grinds out to become very puffy to reveal the density. Smoking out of a normal 1 perk bong with ice. Had a minimal breakfast and have been awake for 2 hours and I am smoking about 0.35g. Toke 1: Very nice earthy taste, slow developing cerebral euphoria with a slight feeling of eye pressure. Toke 2: Hits hard but only reverberates minor coughs. Lungs feel fine. Heightened cerebral high. Toke 3 and 4 back-to-back: delivers a huge cherried hit and a minor cough. Already a sense of the intensely developing cerebral stoned euphoria. Toke 5: Bowl simmers to a left-over small one hit before it’s cached. continuing effects from earlier. Last Half-Hit: Ash pulled through. no hit 🙁 Now, the high. Music gives a body sense high. Overwhelming happiness in the music, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Urge to dance or your body feels uncomfortable. I feel each thing that touches my body including hair falling on forehead in different places. I’m going to get more food now definitely want to sit down and relax and smile. Making food now, but I won’t waste your time with my jibber jabber.

  3. Hilda D. Curry

    I have 40+ years experience growing and using cannabis, a masters degree in agri/horticulture from MSU and will break each review down as follows from my own personal experience with seeds or clones obtained directly from the original breeders, in this case Serious Seeds: – Use; Sativa effects, happy, euphoric, relaxed, great for depression, anxiety, stress, motivation and daytime use. It is a very nice strain with mostly sativa type effects, happy, euphoric, relaxed yet not to the point of making you unmotivated. If anything, it actually motivates you and it’s great for daytime use. This is a perfect strain for depression, anxiety, stress, motivation and creativity. The buds are nice and dense and have a very nice fruity smell and taste with a very smooth smoke. Grow; Indoors: She can be finished in 7-8 weeks. – Outdoors: It’s an excellent and a great choice if you live in a cooler area where plants need to finish earlier and you still want something with strong sativa effects. At 42*N latitude she started flowering the last week of July and was ready around the third week of September, contrary to Leafly’s estimate. – Very easy to grow both indoors and out. Plants have a distinct sativa leaf that is very narrow and grow in the typical pine tree look. The best thing about this strain is it’s sativa dominance in effect and look, yet it has the Afghan gene that will make her finish very fast for a sativa, with very little stretching once flowering is induced. Has a high leaf to bud ratio in volume but not by weight as there are a lot of leaves to trim but most are very small and narrow. Strain seemed very stable with little variation between phenotypes. Very similar to my AK-48 review except AK-47 will finish even sooner but is a little less aromatic.

  4. Charles J. Seay

    Great high. At first I thought that I was not getting high, then I spent 10minutes to eat a single slice of pizza. People at the birthday party started looking at me, ended in my car watching rick and morty.

  5. James R. Howard

    Pretty classic strain, served good for my recreational use. This site is the deal! Thank you!

  6. Edna G. Sager

    Great customer service, knowledgeable and always given a consultation on products bought

  7. Avis G. Rodriguez

    I really enjoy this strain, not just for it’s medicinal qualities, either! I find it is much more complex than I initially thought when I first toked this strain for the first time. To begin, I enjoy it’s flavor. For me, I taste straw or some sort of wheat. The affects are quite subtle, but the longer I indulge in this strain it seems to have a noticeable cumulative psychoactive affect. It’s not so much a strong head high that builds but instead it’s more like a very slight buzz in your head, similar to what strong coffee might do, but without the jitters. Energy. That’s what it does, it gives energy and uplifting feelings and thoughts. Yeah, I really like this strain for it’s subtle yet very creative deep mannerisms. 9/10

  8. Garrett A. Armstrong

    Perfect anytime high. Family, professional, or intimate settings Are perfect for the high you get with AC/DC. Calming, long-lasting body high with an energizing kick to get you moving. I actually wouldn’t call the buzz you get a “high”. More accurate and to call it “lifted”. That’s just what it is. A spirit-lifter without any Stoney feeling.

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